Mathew Fritz Photographer


At United Cerebral Palsy of the Inland Empire (UCPIE) we are committed to helping our clients be the best that they can be so they can live their lives without limits.

UCPIE believes everyone has a special talent and special things that they are capable of doing that stand out. It is also nice to get a helping hand in achieving a dream or a goal or just learning how to do new things, UCPIE Creative Spaces provides that opportunity. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to, Mathew Fritz.

Mathew Fritz really loves taking pictures and everything that has to do with photography. He puts in countless hours toward his passion. He spends much of his free time taking pictures, editing pictures and posting them to his Instagram account to share with the world. He also works on getting better by taking photography classes at College of the Desert (COD).

His most recent work was for UCPIE’s Team Freedom 2023.

Mathew Fritz

Mathew Fritz - Photographer

UCPIE Team Freedom 2023
UCPIE 2023 Team Freedom
Team Freedom 2023 UCPIE