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Adaptive Bike Program

Everyone dreams of the feeling of freedom that comes from riding a bike!  With UCPIE’s Adaptive Bike program and generous donors we make this dream come true!

By giving to our Adaptive Bike fund, you have personally created smiles and a sense of freedom and belonging for someone who may have immobile or felt limited.

Each one of UCPIE’s adaptive bikes are customized for the rider and costs between $3,500 and $5,000 to create.  Bike recipients are evaluated and fitted for a custom engineered bike for their abilities.

Since 2012 UCPIE has been proud to present over 112 special needs children and adults with their very own adaptive bicycles.  Your support of this lifegiving program helps those with special needs not only meet their physical therapy goals but helps them feel a part of this wonderful community joining in on the fun with their families at the park, neighborhood, and may special events!

Donate today to help someone with a disability reach their independence.

Thank you for your consideration to join in partnership to provide a “Life without Limits” to so many UCPIE families.  We could not possibly do this without your generous support.

UCPIE Adaptive Bike Program
Give to the Adaptive Bike Program