Workplace & Employee Giving

Employer Matching Gifts

UCPIE is thankful for any and all donations that our friends give of their time, talents, and treasures. Here are a few creative ways to make an even greater impact!

Double Your Impact!

Corporations often give money to non-profits in the form of employee matching gifts. This means if an employee donates to UCPIE, the employee’s corporation will also donate money to UCPIE according to a predetermined match.

While these programs don’t require much from you as an employee, the few minutes you spend submitting the matching gift forms can make a big difference in the lives of the people participating in UCPIE’s programs.

How to Make a Matching Gift

Please contact your human resources department to see if your employer matches and for details on how to submit a matching gift request.

For a partial list of companies that provide a matching gift program, click here. (PDF download)

Give at Work

If you are a federal or state employee, or you work for a corporation that provides a workplace giving program such as the Combined Federal Campaign or your local United Way, you have available to you a very simple and convenient way to support UCPIE.

See your human resource manager or payroll department to see how you can designate UCPIE to receive your charitable gift through your workplace. It’s easy, and it’s a great way to show your support throughout the year.

Volunteer Service

UCPIE relies on generous people like you to help us, help people with disabilities throughout the Inland Empire. If you or your company are looking for a volunteer opportunity with purpose that will fill you heart with joy and your service with meaning, consider volunteering at a UCPIE event or program. For more information, contact UCPIE’s Development team at (760) 321-8184