Become a Volunteer

Volunteers are an important part of UCP of the Inland Empire.  During special events we need extra help to make the day successful for everyone.  We are thrilled that you are interested in joining our community of dedicated individuals working towards a more inclusive and accessible world for people with disabilities.

Your passion for helping and making a difference with our organization will be essential to the success of the Fundraising and therefore the success to the organization.  Together we can inspire others to get involved and create a community of positive change.

About UCP of the Inland Empire

UCP (United Cerebral Palsy) of the Inland Empire is a non-profit organization committed to providing a wide range of services and support for individuals with disabilities and their families. Our mission is to advance the independence, productivity, and full citizenship of people with disabilities.

Why Volunteer with UCP of the Inland Empire?

When you volunteer with us, you become part of a passionate and diverse team that is making a real difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities. Here are some reasons why volunteering with UCP of the Inland Empire is a rewarding and fulfilling experience:

  1. Meaningful Impact: Your time and efforts directly contribute to enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities, fostering a more inclusive community.
  2. Personal Growth and Learning: Volunteering provides an opportunity to develop new skills, gain valuable experience, and broaden your perspective on disability-related issues.
  3. Community and Connection: You’ll be part of a supportive and caring community of volunteers, staff, and participants who share a common goal of promoting inclusivity and accessibility.
  4. Flexible Opportunities: We offer a variety of volunteer roles to suit your interests, skills, and availability. Whether you prefer hands-on activities or behind-the-scenes support, we have a role for you.
  5. Make Lifelong Memories: The experiences and relationships you build while volunteering with us are likely to leave a lasting impact on your life.

How to Get Involved

Attend an Orientation Session: Learn more about UCP of the Inland Empire, our programs, and the volunteer opportunities available.

Background Check: Depending on your role, a background check may be required to ensure the safety of our participants.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

Phone: (760) 321-8184 x114

We look forward to welcoming you to our UCP of the Inland Empire family and appreciate your dedication to making a positive impact in our community!