In a world that often defines us by our differences, UCPIE celebrates and applauds them.

Each person we serve is unique. No one at UCPIE is defined by their disability – no matter the form.

At UCPIE, we see and embrace people – not just their challenges. We are reminded each day that with opportunity, resources, and support, the people we serve are unstoppable.

At the heart of UCPIE is an immoveable belief. That all persons living with the challenges of a disability have the right to live a life without limits. This core value defines everything we do from skill-building programs to providing compassionate support through respite care for caregivers. We trust you are here because you are passionate about empowering those who just need someone like you to believe in them.

Tour de Palm Springs 2023

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Huge thanks to the Walter Clark Legal Group for their wonderful contributions to UCPIE!