Family Empowerment Program

United Cerebral Palsy of the Inland Empire (UCPIE) provides group counseling services to families with children or adults with special needs. Counseling is facilitated by a licensed  therapist following a curriculum developed to target topics specific to their needs. Families benefit from this supportive environment, a safe space in which they can share experiences and learn techniques that help with their day-to-day challenges.

What topics are covered?

  • Learning that you have power
  • Balancing caretaking
  • Respecting emotional differences
  • Processing feelings
  • Taking care of yourself
  • Building a healthy relationship

Who is eligible to sign up?

If you have a family member with special needs you are eligible for this program. The UCPIE Family Empowerment Program is offered to all families within the Coachella Valley. At this time, the program is being offered at the UCPIE administrative offices in the city of Rancho Mirage.

What is asked of attendees?

The program is comprised of six classes, offered twice a week, in one-hour sessions. One or both parents are welcomed to participate. Once enrolled in the program, it is important to maintain consistent attendance. When a group dynamic is formed, it creates a healthy environment for growth and change. If attendance is inconsistent, the group dynamic suffers and affects your experience and the experience of others.

What to expect?

When you complete the program, you will walk away with a feeling of empowerment. You will have learned tools that will help you effectively process challenges with confidence. The program focuses on methods of reducing stress and building healthy relationships. You will also have had the opportunity to meet other caregivers and create a bond; establishing a long-term friendship resulting in ongoing support.

The Family Empowerment Program is offered at no cost. For more information contact Lizette Moreno at or 760-321-8184 ext. 106.